Sous Vide Professional Series


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Sous Vide Professional Series from Ollas GM. Immersion Circulator. Hot-water oven that allows vacuum cooking by immersion and at low temperature. Includes timer, time precision from +/-0,1 ºC to 95 ºC and circulating pump for up to 20 L.

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· Immersion circulator that keeps constant heat and allows vacuum cooking and low temperature cooking. 

· More tender and tasty results. Allows long-lasting cooking processes that maintain a more natural and intense flavor, maintaining a highly nutritive content in foods.

· Programmable timer from 0:00 to 59:59, that displays pre-set time and cooking time.

· High-precision control over temperature of +/- 0,1 ºC.

· Precision adjusting of cooking temperature from  +/- 0,5 ºC to 95 ºC.

· Turbine that circulates a volume of up to 20 L of water.

· Generates a constant flow of 10 L per minute.

· 1300 W power.

· Protection against dry operation. Automatic turn OFF when water volume reduces.

· Blacklighted, high-visibility LCD display.

· User-friendly touch control panel.

· Made of stainless steel.

· Comes with a clip that adjusts to container.